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My son and I operate a small Louisville, Colorado -based organic produce delivery business: Grown Friendly (

* Quality organic produce delivered year round.
* Always as local as possible.
* Sustainably produced and distributed.
* Priced right.

Grown Friendly provides fresh organic produce to Boulder, Louisville, and Lafayette, Colorado and other nearby areas.

Our produce is 100% organic. Grown Friendly is about natural, whole food that is healthy for our families, community, and the environment. Our sources work hard to buy from local farms whenever possible. Buying local supports nearby farmers and decreases the fuel cost of a long shipment from out of state or over seas. When Colorado produce is not available, we always buy as local as possible. We monitor and compare local pricing to ensure that you're never paying more than you have to.

We strive to enable our customers to:

* Improve health by sensibly consuming healthful, organic fruits and vegetables year round;
* Improve environmental quality by consuming foods that are produced and distributed in sustainable ways;
* Strengthen local economies by purchasing locally grown produce whenever possible and practical;
* Lower food costs by taking advantage of Grown Friendly selection and pricing and through increased knowledge of proper storage, preservation, and preparation of fresh foods;
* Derive more enjoyment and satisfaction from food selection, preparation, and consumption; and, finally,
* Support the less fortunate in our community - through our "Community Support" program.

Learn more at

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This sounds great! I do want to suggest that you consider giving some specifics as to where your food is grown. People visiting this website will not just want to know it's local. They will want to know "local how?"
Thanks Nisa!

Good point! We do need to put a bit more clarity around this.
Essentially, we strive to balance a number of goals.

First, we want to enable our customers to "eat food, mostly plants" (to quote Michael Pollan) year round. So we focus on always providing a balanced set of fresh organic produce every week year round. Simply receiving, storing and preparing fresh produce every day is a major change for most people, it's a habit that must be developed over time.

Second, we strive to get our organic produce from the most local source that is available at any given time of year. Sometimes this means that we are bringing in produce from some distance away, but in every case we are supporting organic methods and farmers, and supporting our customers as they develop and maintain healthful eating habits.

Beyond that, the six bullets in my original post constitute our primary goals as we select products throughout the year.

I look forward to a day when the majority of food around the world is sustainably produced and consumed locally year round, and I hope that Grown Friendly can be a part of that movement (I believe we are now).

Hi Bob, I did not even know that you did this !!!

Please see the link I added about what you are doing at:

Please add a reciprocol link back to the above URL and it will help the authority/reputation of both sites.

Good luck with what you are doing - awesome !!!
Thanks Gerry, I linked back to your home page


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