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I was at the farmers market a few weeks buying some local honey and the vendor told us that bees are legal in town and after searching the city's website I was not able to find any information on this. Are there any folks out there who have hives in the city that would be willing to tall with us about the process, etc?
In Frith,

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I believe you can have two (or four) hives in the city. They are totally legal and you don't need a license. However, before you get a hive, I would recommend that you talk to your neighbors and find out how they feel about bees. Honey bees are totally non-aggressive, but a small percentage of people are very allergic to them and you would not want to endanger anyone's health. It is my opinion that you should keep them in the middle of your property or next to a tall fence, so they will not be tempted for form a direct flight path into your neighbors yard. Siting is important. They should have shade in the summer and sun in the colder months. If you leave them in the summer sun, they will be aggressive toward anyone that approaches the hive and stressed due to the heat. It is best to check them in the cool mornings. They are more lethargic when it is cool. I did have bees. I don't anymore. Hope this helps. Glad to hear you want bees! Let's stay in touch!
I've got two hives on my land, which is actually Boulder County land, although it's in Longmont. The hives are owned and maintained by Ed Smelko, who sells his honey to us and others. I can put you in touch with Ed, if you want a tutorial on bees, he may be ok with that.

Thanks Christina. I can be reached at 720-862-8868

Hi Christina,

I would like to have contact info for Ed Smelko also.  Not only am I interested in a tutorial, but if he wants to, I'd like to consider him as an expert for an ag expo we're planning for the Altona Grange in the Fall.  Thanks.

Hi Devin,


We've been getting this question a lot lately at the City.  Basically, the answer to your question is found in title 9 of the Longmont municipal code.  Here's how it reads:


9.04.020.  Beekeeping.

The keeping of bees in any greater number than four stands at any one place is a nuisance.

(Code 1981, § 5-5-16; Code 1993, § 9.04.020)


As you can see, there's not much to it.  So, you can keep up to four stands on your property and you don't need a permit.  I'm not sure what constitutes a stand, however.  You may want to seek clarification from the City of Longmont's code enforcement department.  Good luck with that.



Thanks Ben. How goes the Chicken work?

We're almost done.  The new ordinance goes to City Council on January 11th for the public hearing and second reading.  If they pass it as is, it will be a permanent done deal.  Everyone interested in backyard chickens should show up that evening and let City Council know that this is something they would liike to see happen.  The City Council meeting starts at 7:00, but if you want to speak you need to show up early and sign up.  The City Council chambers are located at 350 Kimbark Street (corner of 3rd and Kimbark). 





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