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Here's an idea. 

In an effort to reduce our footprint on the Earth, let's share cars and see how many we can eliminate.


We have 65 members in our group now.


I have a car I need 7 days a week, however, I wouldn't mind sharing it with others, especially if I had access to other cars as well.  Marci has a car too, but she doesn't need it nearly as frequently as I do.  She's willing to share.


Clearly, we would have to come up with a set of rules that make it work for everyone in a win/win manner.  I'm betting we are smart enough to figure that out.


This discussion is intended to start that conversation.


Who's interested in trying a car share?  Anyone?


How might we pull this off?

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Don, not sure how to arrange the whole car share thing, but I'll offer my pickup, a 97 Nissan 4 cylinder 4WD.
David, thanks for adding to this discussion. I don't have all the answers, but I'm betting many answers as to how to make this work can be found on the web.

My car is a 1999 Honda Accord sedan.

Marci's is a 2001 Toyota Corolla sedan.

I'm guessing we could use the Grange as a parking area. We could use a lock box of some sort to keep the keys in for access by participants. Hmmmm, wonder if we could get a bike rack installed at the Grange.

Anyone willing to find a used bike rack on Craig's List? A substantial one, like you would see at the Library or something.

I am sure you're aware that Boulders carshare has expanded to Denver.

Karen Worminghaus is the director...303-720-1185. I am sure they
would like to expand more but regardless she would have advice for
you all...



This never has been used, however, I am still willing and would like to begin ... we have to start somewhere.  My car has insurance that covers anyone I allow to drive it.  I live in Broomfield.  You can reach me at dstudin at yahoo dot com ... or at 303-248-6677.  I'm using my car Wed - Sat for work, but can be quite flexible Sun - Tue.  Let me know your needs.  Hugs ... dons


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